It is the way to help you as the owner of the Valor BPI Account Holders by putting at your disposal a series of advantages and benefits with which we will help you feel at home.
You will have access to the benefits by calling +351 21 3181103 or through the website www.citizenlivingsolutions.com
You must be a Valor BPI Account Holders.
Yes, only the first time you must register with the account holder's data and accept the Terms and Conditions associated with the services in order to use them.
  • Relocation Service
  • Information and bookings
  • Telephone Interpreter and Translations
  • Event Reminder
  • Advantages in Travel Agency
  • International Removals
  • Technological Assistance
  • Help in finding domestic servants
  • Telephone medical guidance
  • Online veterinarian
On the Citizen living solutions website you can choose the language you need: Portuguese, English, French or German. We also have a team of professionals who will help you in the language you need.
No, any aspect related to Financial Services must be managed through your BPI office.